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President's Message:

Jd Albro

Welcome and thank you for checking us out!

PPSCNY stands for Professional Photography Society of Central New York but more importantly what that means to you as a member of our family is that you are surrounded by many talented artists. Mostly in the field of photography but we also have some very talented videographers here as well. Talent ranges from seasoned professionals to beginners. Some practicing their craft full time and some part time and some just for fun but all are here to help each other grow and learn. But what really ties us all together is our commitment to helping each other to stretch & grow.

Personally I have been involved with this group for at least 15 years or so and one of the reasons I find this group so valuable is how much everyone is willing to help another artist learn their craft and strive to help you to be the best that you can. I am sure if you were to interview various members of our family they would be more than happy to tell you how much they have grown professionally as well as the wonderful friendships they have formed with other members of our family.

We meet the third Wednesday evening of every month, welcoming speakers from many different areas of photography as we can find (mostly member driven for what everyone would like to learn). For example weddings, babies, families, light- ing, seniors, marketing, landscapes, various software training and much much more! We search “high and low” for our speakers and they come from all over.

For example from within our own group, NY State and even sought-after national speakers from across the country. We even offer affordable one and two day work- shops at least twice a year! It’s a great escape to learn, grow, decompress and have a lot of fun.

I hope I have peaked your interest enough to at least check us out. So come to a meeting as our guest to see just what we are all about and see for yourself if you find it as valuable as we do! We also have a very interactive Facebook group we use to keep in touch with each other as well as getting information out to each oth- er to help us learn.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the very near future!

Jeff Albro

East Coast Headshots

PPSCNY President 2021 - 2022


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