Team Model Shoot Out with Brad MacDuff

Brad, was born and raised in South Glens Falls, New York and moved to the Syracuse area in 2008 to start his career as a math teacher.  He currently teaches 8th grade math in the Liverpool Central School District. Together with his beautiful wife, Kathleen, they raise their two Sons, Kaiden and Karter, and their dog Nel.  


Brad picked up a camera for the first time in 2013 to prepare for his honeymoon trip to Europe.  While on that trip, he fell in love with the art of photography. Upon returning to the United States, Brad quickly set out to learn as much as he could about the craft.  He joined the Professional Photographer Society of Central NY, where he found a collaborative network of peers to help guide him. In 2015 he began his photography business, “Pics with Brad,” and he has watched it continue to grow each year.


Brad is an award winning photographer that specializes in creative portraiture, but he has been known to shoot just about anything from landscapes to weddings.  Today, he shoots on Sony A7riii with his Sony 85mm GMaster lens. He supplements light with multiple off-camera Godox/Flashpoint units. Brad is an outgoing individual, who wants to share his passion for creativity with all who want to listen. 

The Presentation: “All that matters is light”


Do you ever think to yourself… If could just find the right location, I could take an amazing picture… or If I just had that new camera and lens I could totally get the shot…  Well, I hate to break it to you… but your wrong! All that matters is light!  


For this meeting, I am going to prove to you that it doesn’t matter where you take the picture, or with what camera and lens you use… but rather the light that you use.  We will break into 3 groups based on the make of your gear, and your instructors will guide you with how to take a great picture with a drab background. All groups will be using a Godox/Flashpoint AD600 and 2 AD200 strobes.  We will walk you through how we setup a shot and pose our models to make perfection!  


This meeting is meant to be interactive, so bring your prefered shooting equipment.  Speak up, ask questions, suggest ideas… Don’t be shy! Try something new, do something different!  Together we are going to apply all of the skills we have learned to make magic! Everyone both newbie or seasoned pro will get something out of this meeting!  Trust me… You don’t want to miss it!

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